How Do I Prevent Cavities From Forming?

As you know, healthy eating habits also lead to healthy teeth. Your child’s teeth, their jaw bones and the soft tissues of the mouth need a well-balanced diet.  Most snacks can lead to cavity formation. The more a child snacks, the greater the chance for tooth decay. The time food remains in the mouth also plays a role. For example, hard candy and breath mints stay in the mouth a long time, which cause longer acid attacks on tooth enamel. Good oral hygiene removes bacteria and left over food particles that combine to create cavities.  

  1. Brush at least twice a day. 

  2. Do your best to limit snacks containing sugar, sticky snacks, sucking candies and lollipops.  

  3. If your child eats candy with sugar, avoid hard & sticky candy that stay in the mouth for a long time.  

  4. Reduce the intake of sugary drinks including juices and sports drinks. 

  5. As soon as your child's teeth have developed enough to touch, begin flossing.  Treat natural cracks in teeth by filling them with sealants.  

  6. Our Doctors may make a personal recommendation for HOME FLUORIDE whenever they believe it is necessary.